Mária Bozóky (1917-1996) was born in Nagyvárad (Transylvania) Hungary. She received a doctorate in philosophy in 1941. From 1941-1945 she was an art student of István Szönyi, and received her diploma from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.
In her art, from time to time, Kafka, Claudel, and Rilke request leave to speak.
She was not only well known as a painter, but was an equally known and respected art critic and writer. She wrote books that were studies on the works of Giacometti, Lossonczy, Würtz, and Kunvari.

Bozóky on her paintings:

"Since my childhood, duality: writing and drawing. The interpretation of the line always remained in my paintings. Dual training: university and academy, ten years of studentship."
"The most dramatic period of my life (during the Stalin regime) was when I was deported into the country: again I grow together with nature, silence. Later I was left alone, my family is the sea, water, mountains, chances, trees and from them and through them showering on me torrents of soft colour, rhythm change."
"In my life, the most beautiful mountains were the Pyrenees, the most mysterious quiet, the lake Balaton, and forever my love, the sea..."

Most important solo exhibitions:

1966, 1971, 1972, 1976, 1984, 1988, 1990 Budapest
1972 Cologne
1976, 1979 Celle
1982 Strasbourg
1986 Prague
1995 Dallas
1984-1996 Major Cities in Hungary
1996 Dallas


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