Lajos Dobos (1921-2012) was born in Budapest. His artistic talent manifested itself at a very young age. He pursued his studies in Budapest under masters: István Szönyi, Lajos Szentiványi and Róbert E. Novotny.
He has been present in Hungarian and foreign exhibitions since 1946. Eleven independent exhibitions in Budapest and a series of county towns have been the landmarks of his artistic career. In 1973, he spent three months in Italy, on a scholarship from the Italian government. Subsequently, there were three exhibitions given at Villa del Monte in 1973, Bolzano and Riva del Garda in 1974.

Watercolours play a dominant part in the art of Lajos Dobos. He developed traditional techniques into a special and highly original variation that lends his pictures a personal impression. As an acknowledgment to his efforts and contribution to watercolour painting, he was present at the great Hungarian Aquarelle Exhibition organized at the Bankside Gallery in 1981, where he scored considerable success.

Lajos Dobos is a painter with an orientation to nature. The basis of his art is a visual sensation, according to lyric disposition. He achieves this by sensitive colour harmonies and balanced compositions, coupled with great artistic care in the finishing of surfaces.

The art of Lajos Dobos has earned due recognition from professional circles. One critic said, "He has the gift to show us what he has seen and what he has felt and associated the sight with. Deep involvement, artistic care and sophistication are the basic qualities of his works."

Portrait painting occupies a significant part in his art. The Hungarian Museum of History houses a "Gallery of Scientists" where over 30 portraits were painted by Dobos.

His paintings are found in Hungarian and other European museums; he has private collectors throughout the world.


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