Antal Turcsányi was born in 1940 at Tiszakanyár (Hungary). He finished his studies at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Art, Budapest in 1961. One of his masters was JÁNOS KMETTY.

MOTTO: “Because once I was already a boy, a girl, a bush, a bird, and a quiet sea fish.” — EMPEDOCLES (Fragments, Purifications, 117.)
(c.490 - 430 BC)

Turcsányi believes in what Empedocles said, that existing things cannot decay, and where there is nothing, nothing can originate. The world is in motion because of two powers: LOVE and HATE. Between these two, struggle the spirit, which, only after ten thousand years of purification, can it be free from the “Eternal Ring”.

In his art we can see upper mythology, the threatening beak-claw “Birdman”, or lower mythology, the dreadful “Wolfman”. In a blink, fruit and vegetables transform into wild bloodthirsty beasts. The torsos of rabbits, goats, sheep, and dogs mix into one another.

Turcsányi is not the mannerist ARCIMBOLDO, or the surrealist MAGRITTE, where all things are at a standstill. In his art, everything is fantastic, and whirling.

Turmoil in dreams, forms, broken lights and surfaces, growing beyond the surrealistic. This is “danse macabre” where not only people wriggle, but so does all Earth's life.



István Ferenczy Artists' Circle
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts


Association of Hungarian Artists
Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists
Association of Hungarian Painters


1960-74 Annual István Ferenczy Society Exhibition, Budapest
1967, 1970, 1974, 1975 Bem Rakpart, Budapest
1972 Csepel Gallery, Budapest
1974 Szekszárd (Hungary)
1975 Grand Palais, Paris
1978 Békéscsaba (Hungary)
1980 Hotel Thermál, Budapest
1990 Hungarian National Gallery
1991 International Art Expo, Budapest
1992 Hungarian Cultural Center, Prague
1992 Óbuda (Hungary)
1992 Kaposvár (Hungary)
1993 Szekszárd (Hungary)
1993 Horváth & Lukács Gallery, Nagycenk
1994 Biennale, Eger
1994 Danube Gallery, Budapest
1994 Atrium Gallery Hyatt Hotel, Budapest
1994 Art Texas International (The 500 Inc.), Dallas
1995 Trammell Crow Center, Dallas
1996 J.M. Moudy Exhibition Hall, Fort Worth (USA)
1998 Sports Hall, Kelebia (Hungary)
2000 Gulácsy Gallery, Szeged (Hungary)
2001 Pintér Sonja Contemporary Art Gallery, Budapest
2001 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
2003 AstraZeneca Gallery, Törökbálint (Hungary)
2003 Ökollégium Art Gallery, Budapest
2003 Pintér Sonja Contemporary Art Gallery, Budapest
2004 The Red Saloon of the Hungarian State Opera House, Budapest
2005 Zsókavár Gallery, Budapest
2005 Pulchri Studio, The Hague (The Netherlands)
2006 HÍD Transdanubian Visual Workshop, Nagykanizsa (Hungary)
2007 Municipal Gallery, Szigetszentmiklós (Hungary)
2008 Budapest Exhibition Hall


1999 “Melancholy”. Award from the Ministry of Hungarian Cultural Heritage
2001 “Sziget Szüret” (“Harvest on the Island”). Award from Patak Gallery, Szigetszentmiklós (Hungary)
2005 Award from the István Farkas Foundation at the 4th Szekszárd Painters' Triennal


Budapest Art Gallery (Fővárosi Képtár), Budapest
Contemporary Hungarian Gallery, Dunaszerdahely (Slovakia)
Telekom Informatics Center, Budapest
Hungarian Culture Association, Budapest
First Hungarian Visual Collection Foundation (Első Magyar Látványtár Alapítvány), Diszel (Hungary)
Kecskemét Gallery, Kecskemét (Hungary)


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