Gábor Szinte was born in 1928 in Hungary, he obtained his diploma in 1952 from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest as a pupil of BERNÁTH AURÉL. During 1956-1958 he finished his studies in Italy at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts.

In his paintings, new-realistic ambition melts with surrealistic tones. He has numerous works of art in connection with architecture: wood inlays, mosaics, and stained glass.

Beside his successful activity as a painter, since the 1960s he has been interested in stage-design and has become one of Europe’s best in this media. He is a professor at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, and the University of Theatre and Film Arts.

Since 1951 he has exhibited internationally, having over forty one-man shows. His works are found in major Hungarian museums, such as the HUNGARIAN NATIONAL GALLERY, KING ST. STEPHEN MUSEUM , and the CHRISTIAN MUSEUM. There are numerous public and private collections of his works in Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, and the USA.



1955-1958 Derkovits Scholarship
1958 Palasso Strozzi, Florence
1965-2010 Budapest
1969 Rome
1969 Naples
1969 Messina
1971 King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár
1971 Szeged
1973-1986 Exhibition Tour, Italy
1974 Vienna
1974, 1981 Bari
1976 Hamburg
1978 Venice
1989 Stuttgart
1989 Dortmund
1989 Christian Museum, Esztergom
1990 Munich
1990, 1991 Paris
1990 Instituto Filippin, Italy
1990 Bassano
1992 Padua
1992 Geneva
1992 Camposampiero, Italy
1995 Balassagyarmat



Fresco (1959, Budapest, X. district., U.-Sibrik Nicholas Elementary School)
Mosaics (1960, Budapest, Heim Pál Children's Hospital)
Marquetry (1964, Kecskemét, Park Restaurant)
Stained glass windows (1965, Salgótarján Karancs Hotel)
Mosaic (1965, Budapest, XI. district., Erd travel Elementary School)
Marquetry (1966, Budapest, Hungarian National Theatre)
Marquetry (1967, National Council of Trade Unions, Ship Holiday)
Mosaic (1967, Székesfehérvár, artificial light)
Marquetry (1969, Zalaegerszeg, City Council Chambers)
Marquetry (1970, Keszthely, Bacchus Hotel)
Marquetry (1973, Budapest, National Council of the Patriotic People's Front)
Glass window (1973, Sopron, Sopron Brewery)
Marquetry (1975, Hévíz Thermal Hotel)
Stained glass windows (1978 beads, Mátra Community Centre)
Marquetry (1982, Budapest, Atrium Hyatt Hotel)
Marquetry (1984, Budapest, MAFILM)
Marquetry (1986, Budapest, XVII. district., Dózsa Culture House)
Marquetry (1987, Kaposvár, Agricultural College).



1955 Derkovits Fellowship Award
2011 The Hungarian Order of Merit Cross of the Star



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