1958 Born in Sittard (Netherlands)
1978 Academy of Arts (Maastricht the Netherlands)
1985 First one-man exhibition at the International Wolf Gallery in Maastricht (also solo exhibitions in the following years: 1988, 1989, 1990)
1987 Exhibitions at the Studio Arte (Milan)
1990 First exhibition at the Art Galley Knoops (Netherlands) Exhibitions each year to date
1991 Concept en total art work for the meeting of the European prime ministers in Maastricht, where the so-called “Maastricht Treaty” was signed: The start of the financial and political collaboration of EU - member states.
1992 Volvo cars Sweden: art work
1995 Delta Airlines: artwork for inauguration flight Washington - Amsterdam
1996 One-man exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Maastricht
1998 One-man exhibition at the Oude kerk, Amsterdam
1999 One-man exhibition Dallas, (USA)
2007 One-man exhibition at SPAANS GOUVERNEMENT MUSEUM, Maastricht


Delta Airlines, Washington
Hisako Children's Hospital, Tokyo
Mercedes Benz, Stuttgart, German
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
FranÁois Mitterand, France
Volvo, Sweden
Spixs Gustaffson, Sweden
Barbara Burell Art Center, Chicago
Gallery Fitzgerald, Chicago
Art Collection Libertell
Ernest and Young, Assaurantien, Paris
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
ITT, New York
Hilton Hotels, London Anderson Lowers, New York
Hillary Clinton (gift from Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)
Phillips Corp. Netherlands
Mayor of Amsterdam
Olivetti, Milan

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