Mihály Buday was born in Novi Becej, Yugoslavia in 1953. He received his diploma in 1975 from the Teachers Academy in Zrenjanin. He has been a regular participant of national and international collective exhibitions since 1992. He permanently moved to Hungary in 1994.

Buday’s mysterious compositions move in different time-levels that are transformed into parallel ones by magic. They are covered with enigmatical, bluish-yellowish-brownish mist that often dims the contours and are completed by never-been beings of fantastic visions.

One-man exhibitions (Selection):

1990 Subotica (YU)
1992 Novi Becej (YU)
1994 Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
1995 Heiligenstadt, Denmark
1996 Budapest
1997 Budapest
1997 Keszthely, (HU)
1998 Zalaegerszeg (HU)
1999 Szekszárd (HU)
2000 Zalaegerszeg (HU)

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