Ödön Somoskői (1938-2001) was born in Hungary. He started his art studies in Szeged under the direction of ERNÖ FISCHER, and had his diploma in 1961. He continued his studies at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Art in Budapest and received a second diploma in 1968, a student of JÁNOS BLASKI, SIMON SARKANTYU, and JENÖ BALOGH.

His first one-man show was in 1969; since then he has had 24 one-man shows and countless group exhibitions. He has been on study tours in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Austria, and Switzerland.

Somoskői’s adherence:

To paint the changing world, where the human and social truths, “how I feel”, would be more complete. My colors: burned sienna, yellow, ochre, and English red, which are found in nature. They remind me somehow of the Earth, the primary matter from which Life comes. I love very much soil, deep freshly plowed earth with a fertile smell. I love man, who struggles with it; I love his crusted palm, and his deeply wrinkled face.

Ödön Somoskői’s spectrum is puritan. His surface treatment is held back; composition solutions witness great inner discipline.


Imperial War Museum, Budapest
Palóc Museum; Balassagyarmat, Hungary
History Museum, Salgótarján
Metallurgy Works, Salgótarján
Madách Gimnázium, Salgótarján


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