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  Robert William Hinds was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1924. After five years studying illustration at the Los Angeles Art Center School, he began a career in New York City as a designer/illustrator. Over a 15-year period, he worked with numerous art directors, editors, and their clients. Commissions included work for such publishers as Random House, Little Brown, Macmillan, Follet, Good Housekeeping, New York Times, Abbott Labs, Show magazine, and Reporter magazine.

Hinds also spent four years as Art Director and one-man Art Department for Wildwood Printing Co., New Jersey. Clients included Cape May County, Wildwood Chamber of Commerce, hotels and restaurants from Atlantic City to Cape May.

However, he found that he was being attracted more towards the third dimension, and so gave up a successful graphics career to concentrate on sculpture. Living and traveling in Europe for ten years gave him valuable exposure. He found special value in studying the traditional skills involved in lost wax casting in Italy, creating and working at an art foundry at Bologna.

He also spent some time working for the United Nations in the Caribbean, teaching and directing the production of art and handcrafted objects based on the local ethnic traditions and history in under-developed countries.

Working mainly in bronze, work by Robert Hinds is owned by private collectors in the U.S. as well as in England, France, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands. These include Galerie d'Art Alain Durvil, Paris and Barbizon, France; Arun Art Gallery, Arundel, England; Venturi Arte, Bologna, Italy and Laboratoires Auer, Geneva, Switzerland. American showings include Art Expo East, New York City; Sterling Signatures Gallery, Miami Beach, FL; Crucible Art Gallery & Foundry, Norman, OK; Blossom Street Gallery, Houston; Ivánffy-Uhler Gallery, Dallas and Matthews Gallery, Santa Fe.

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